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Comics Is Comics / Re: "Gimmicks and the state of the comics industry…"
« Last post by Tetsu Deinonychus on October 18, 2017, 10:40:14 AM »
Well, I like weird crossovers, and the "World-Ending Events" thing is cool in theory, but loses it's impact when it's done every year.

I like the greater variety and more creator owned books too.

I do like the classic Superhero characters, but I hate the stranglehold that the Superhero genre traditionally has on the American Comic Book industry. There's still kind of an attitude that Superhero is the "default" genre for the medium and that other comics are more "Niche", and I think DC and Marvel go through lengths to promote that image. But, it is gradually changing, and I'm glad about that.
Comics Is Comics / Re: "Gimmicks and the state of the comics industry…"
« Last post by Al Nickerson on October 16, 2017, 06:09:39 AM »
Yeah, in some ways, it does seem that comic book industry is like the 1990s all over again... variant covers, weird crossovers, world-ending events. Although, the latter probably never went away.

And, I do like wrap around covers.

I do like that there's more types of genre in comics nowadays. I do like that there's more creator-owned comics. But, it does still look like Marvel and DC flood the rakes with the same old same old junk.
Comics Is Comics / Re: "Gimmicks and the state of the comics industry…"
« Last post by Tetsu Deinonychus on October 14, 2017, 07:51:35 AM »
One gimmick I'm kind of sick of, is every comic having about 10 different variant covers for every issue (IDW loves this one). I know they've given up on "speculators" buying one of every cover, and it's more of a "pick your favourite" thing now, but it's not like any comic book store has them all and it just makes collecting back issues confusing.

One the other hand, one gimmick I always enjoy is the wraparound cover. I just think it looks more cool and dynamic to have more cover on the back instead of just an ad.
Comics Is Comics / Re: Allow myself to introduce...myself.
« Last post by Al Nickerson on October 09, 2017, 05:57:28 AM »
Welcome, Brendan.

Feel free to stop by YA CAN’T ERASE INK.

YA CAN’T ERASE INK focuses on the comic book industry from a professional comic book creator's perspective, including reflections on The Creator’s Bill of Rights, as well as discussions on comic book Creators' Rights by the likes of Scott McCloud, Dave Sim, Steve Bissette, Rick Veitch, me and more.
Comics Is Comics / Allow myself to introduce...myself.
« Last post by Tetsu Deinonychus on October 07, 2017, 08:55:49 AM »
Hello, I'm glad to be here. My name is Brendan, but you can call me Tetsu here if you like. I do comics, animation, and illustration most of which can be seen at my website Studio Snowlion, and my books are available at IndyPlanet and Comixology if anyone is interested.

I've really been reading up on creator's rights issues lately, and ways that publishers have exploited creators. I've got a project I've been thinking of submitting to a publisher, and I really want to read up on all the things to watch out for and be careful about.  And, while this forum doesn't seem to be very active, it looks like as good a place as any to join in on the discussion and maybe get some valuable info and advice.

Anyway, I enjoy pretty much all genres of comics (action, slice-of-life, comedy, horror, romance, etc.), and all nationalities of comics (American, European, Japanese, etc). And, some of my favourites are The Sandman (Gaiman), TMNT, Hellboy, Bizenghast, Kimi wa Pet, True Story Swear to God, I'm My Own Mascot, Museum of Mistakes, Negima, I Luv Halloween, JTHM, and Soul to Seoul.

Some of my favourite artists and writers are Stan Sakai, Jhonen Vasquez, Neil Gaiman, CLAMP, Osamu Tezuka, Jack Kirby, Mike Mignola, Ken Akamatsu, Julia Wertz, Gene Colan, and Monkey Punch.

Again, I'm happy to be part of this forum.
Creator's Rights Discussions / Re: "Frank Miller got me thinking..."
« Last post by Al Nickerson on May 16, 2017, 05:44:36 AM »
Dave Sim shared his thoughts on my "Frank Miller got me thinking..." article. I posted Dave's letter on the Creators' Rights website.
Creator's Rights Discussions / "Frank Miller got me thinking..."
« Last post by Al Nickerson on April 26, 2017, 06:17:48 PM »
"Frank Miller got me thinking..."

I share some recent thoughts about comic book Creators' Rights.
Creator's Rights Discussions / Company-owned comic strips
« Last post by John Pannozzi on June 07, 2016, 02:08:30 PM »
Here's a question that I want to investigate: is King Features Syndicate the only American comic strip syndicate around today that still publishes company-owned strips?

I'm going ignore something like the Spider-Man strip or other strips based on licensed properties for sake of this argument.

I know Peanuts and Garfield were both originally owned by United Feature Syndicate, though they have since gone back to their creators' companies.  I think Bill Watterson now owns Calvin & Hobbes, but I don't know all the details off the top of my head.

EDIT: it seems that the E.W. Scripps Company still owns some of the UFS properties, even though they outsourced the distribution to Universal Uclick:
Comics Is Comics / Hollywood Jesus just did a review of AN ACT OF FAITH...
« Last post by Al Nickerson on December 22, 2015, 01:05:42 PM »
Hollywood Jesus just did a review of my comic book, AN ACT OF FAITH...

"Nickerson does a wonderful job of telling his readers the story of the Ark, allowing these books to be great gifts, even for kids who maybe don’t know a lot about the Bible. Combined with  characters that are easy to relate to, even if they are superheroes, and highly detailed drawings. Graphic Novels live and die by how the drawings add to the story and the An Act of Faith series does not disappoint. Characters are distinct and unique, and the world they inhabit is crisp and fun."

#anactoffaithcomic #comics
From Jeff Dee (Monkey House Games):

In 1979, Jack Herman and I wrote Villains and Vigilantes - a superhero tabletop role-playing game. It was published by Fantasy Games Unlimited, Inc. In 2010, we learned that FGU Inc. had been dissolved in 1991. By the terms of our agreement, the rights to the game were to revert to us in the event that the company ever stopped doing business. The company's old president had never informed us of his company's demise, and had continued to sell our game under a DBA as Fantasy Games Unlimited. We told him to cease and desist, but he refused, and we had to go to court. Our claim that he has no right to publish our game has been upheld, but he is still fighting us on the trademark to the name of our game. We need to win on that count too, else we'd have to change the name of our game which has had a big fan following since 1979. And we're running out of money. So, we began a GoFundMe to raise funds for our legal battle. If you would, please let other people who champion the rights of writers know about our fundraiser. Thanks!
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